Meet Dream Kid BJ!


With the help of the Charlotte Touchdown Club, Dream Kid BJ Correll was able to receive signed memorabilia and meet Doug Flutie earlier this year!

“BJ was extremely excited to attend the Charlotte Touchdown Club luncheon and meet football legend, Doug Flutie. DreamOn3’s Brandon and Elizabeth were very kind and were completely interested in making that afternoon extra-special for BJ. As Brandon learned more about BJ, he realized BJ was also an avid Carolina Tarheels fan. At the end of the afternoon, he presented BJ with a framed Tarheels print which he will treasure for years to come. The day’s experience brought the biggest eye-sparkling smile to my son’s face. The afternoon couldn’t have gone better, and it was a wonderful, unforgettable experience that lifted BJ’s spirits during a particularly rough treatment phase. Hats off to the DreamOn3 organization, and their focus on making dreams come true for children in our area with life-changing conditions.”

                                          -Michelle Correll, BJ’s mother

In the fall of 2012, 12 year old BJ Correll was playing football for Boger City Optimist Club in Denver, NC. His mother noticed that after practice and athletic conditioning training, BJ seemed to struggle much harder to recover than most of the other kids. His mother talked to coaches and teachers to find out what they were seeing and what may be going on. In September of 2012, BJ’s mother decided that it was time to visit the hospital. After several tests and blood work, the doctor informed Michelle and BJ that he was battling leukemia.

BJ began a series of treatments at Levine Children’s Hospital. His best friend has been by his side through this process and hangs out with BJ on days when the treatments take their toll on him. BJ does not view himself as a victim, but instead has chosen to fight this disease with a positive attitude and all of his strength.

“God saves His toughest battles for His strongest solders.”

BJ is now doing much better! His is back to playing football and has his hair back. Go BJ! 



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