Dream On…Dream Big

“Dream on, Dream on, Dream on…dream until your dreams come true.”

~ Steven Tyler, Aerosmith
A note from DO3 Co-Founder, Elizabeth Lindsey

WOW…what a year 2013 has been for Dream On 3! But trust me, we’re just getting started. Get ready 2014, we’re going to Dream On! We’re dreaming up some amazing moments for our Dream Kids and we’re excited about growing our Dream Team. We can’t wait to work more closely with our healthcare partners. We are inspired to grow our community partnerships & resources in order to serve more children…children who for 1 day can see their dream become a reality and feel like rock stars!

Let me start by saying “Thank you!” Thank you to our Dream Kids & their families who have dared to dream and have taught us to do the same. To our hospital partners who have embraced our cause and welcomed us into their facilities with open arms. To the business community, the athletes and leaders who have supported the mission of Dream On 3. To a group of faithful volunteers who have given of their time, resources & many talents to help see the vision of DO3 come to life. What a team we make!

So what’s in store for 2014? More Dream Kids? More magic moments? More sports celebrities? Bigger Dreams? Yes, yes and YES! Because of your generous giving we are already planning for more Dream Experiences in 2014. We had 5 Dream Kids in 2013 and plan to double that in 2014 with 10 Dream Experiences! We will be working with more athletes & sports teams locally & nationally. We will also continue to grow our partnerships with our local healthcare organizations and business community sponsors. We are planning our FIRST annual Dream Gala for Saturday, March 29 at The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte. You don’t want to miss out! We will have celebrity guests in attendance, a silent auction, dinner, dancing and most importantly…our Dream Kids. And for our online friends & followers, we’ve got some fun things in store for you too! 2014 is going to be one to remember, so stay tuned!

By now you should know that for us at Dream On 3, it’s all about the kids. They get to run the ball. They get to lead the pack. We want them to know that they are the true inspiration and they are the champions. And even if for only this 1 day, we want them to feel no pain. No cancer. No disease. No feeling excluded. No treatments. No tests. No loneliness. No worries. We want them to just be kids who can laugh, have fun, live free, and know what it’s like to chase a dream.

Are you ready to “Dream On” with us in 2014? Get ready Dream Team…together we’re going to make a BIG difference in the lives of some very special children.

Happy New Year!
Elizabeth Lindsey, Co-Founder of Dream On 3



CrossFit Joins The Huddle

It takes a lot of hands to help make Dreams come true for our Dream Kids. Our most recent Dream Experience was made possible through the hard work of Charlotte’s CrossFit community in September. They came together to help make dreams come true for Zasheed and Zebulon, 2 local brothers battling serious health conditions.

Video by Jason Longoria 

Local athletes endured a grueling work out consisting of burpees, wallballs, box jumps, fireman’s carry, pushups, and a little running. All proceeds from the event were used to send the McNeal brothers to NY where they had their sports dreams come true at Yankee Stadium.

Special thanks to Mike and Laura Dascal!!

Learn more about what it takes to make Dreams come true here.

Signs and Smiles

“We’re so grateful for our new partnership. You guys are bringing something so great to the table- something we didn’t even know we needed until it arrived! It’s amazing, and I’m pumped for other families to get connected with you.”

-Katy F. Wind, Child Life Specialist at Novant Health

Katy Wind, along with Angela Miller and Elizabeth Gray, works at Novant Health here in Charlotte. They are part of an amazing team that connected us with our most recent Dream Kids, Zasheed and Zebulon McNeal. Their team has worked with the McNeal family for many years.

Katy, Angela and Elizabeth woke up well before the sun last Tuesday to help send the McNeal brothers off on their Dream Experience. In the moments leading up to the surprise, they spoke of the McNeal family and how deserving they are of a Dream Experience like this one. They reminisced on the years they’ve spent with the family and were so excited for them.

The three also came bearing signs and smiles to welcome the McNeal family home Wednesday afternoon. The selflessness and compassion they put into their work everyday is awesome and we thank them for it! Without people like them, DO3 Dream Experiences would not be possible.

We cannot thank the Novant Health team enough for everything they did to make this Dream Experience happen!

-Shannon Griffin, DO3 Social Media Manager

McNeal Brothers Homecoming- News14