CrossFit Joins The Huddle

It takes a lot of hands to help make Dreams come true for our Dream Kids. Our most recent Dream Experience was made possible through the hard work of Charlotte’s CrossFit community in September. They came together to help make dreams come true for Zasheed and Zebulon, 2 local brothers battling serious health conditions.

Video by Jason Longoria 

Local athletes endured a grueling work out consisting of burpees, wallballs, box jumps, fireman’s carry, pushups, and a little running. All proceeds from the event were used to send the McNeal brothers to NY where they had their sports dreams come true at Yankee Stadium.

Special thanks to Mike and Laura Dascal!!

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Here Comes the Sun

A blog post taken from the blog of our amazing photographer and friend, Sunny Hutchinson!

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My dear friends and founders of Dream on 3, Brandon and Elizabeth Lindsey, continue to amaze me everyday with their passion for helping other people. The organization they founded alongside family members Martha and Danny Borrell, aims to make awesome dreams come true for children with chronic illnesses, developmental disabilities or life-altering conditions through the world of sports. As you may recall I had the honor of capturing their last dream experience for Nicholas when he got a VIP visit to the Coca Cola Speedway earlier this year. Nicholas was the organizations first dream recipient and after the amazing day the Dream on 3 team put together I knew more amazing things would be in store for the organization. Little did I know, Brandon and the Dream on 3 team were already planning the next big adventure for another amazing family.

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Zasheed and Zebulon, two brothers of the five McNeal family siblings, are big NY Yankees fans. Zasheed, the eldest of the two, lives with a condition known as Sickle Cell Anemia and Zebulon with Cerebral Palsy. Both boys have smiles that truly light up a room and have big dreams to inspire others every day. Before the sun even rose on Tuesday September 24th the Dream on 3 team surprised Zasheed, Zebulon, their brothers, mother and grandmother with a limo ride to the airport for a once in a lifetime trip to New York City to visit the NY Yankees!….” 

-Sunny Hutchinson, Themba Imagery 

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We are so thankful to have made a friend in Sunny. Her name holds true in that she brings light wherever she goes. Not only has she shared her incredible talent with us, she has done it at no charge!


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